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Point of Care Systems:
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Cyber … Part IV Apps and Privacy

Evolutionary, Powerful, Familiar

Point of Care System pharmacy workflow combines the look and feel of familiar mobile technology apps with the extensive networking, security and reporting capabilities of Microsoft Windows and SQL. A “look forward” design brings comfort, style and simplicity to the complex pharmacy workspace.

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Pharmacy Workflow that Simplifies

Point of Care System pharmacy workflow ensures accuracy in dispensing with a “time-stamped” approach for delivering correct medications to the correct patient at the desired time. “Workflow Dashboard” provides an instantaneous status of all prescription orders as they move through the dispensing process; making complex prescription order management simple.

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Point of Sale that’s Polished & Powerful

Point of Care Point of Sale provides complete integration with our pharmacy management system as well as all of the tools necessary to grow front end sales. Support for the latest EMV PCI Credit Card chip technology rounds out the features that make Point of Care Systems POS a perfect choice for the astute manager.

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Everything you need to enhance
your pharmacy practice.


Point of Care Systems provides the full suite of “Best Practice” tools necessary to be more proactive in managing pharmacy efficiency and improving the health of your patients.


Combining the latest dashboard technology and the Microsoft SQL report engine provides a single source platform for reporting pharmacy financials, front end sales and your pharmacy’s “Star Ratings” performance scores.


Our philosophy is simple. Enable pharmacy customers to effectively manage higher prescription volumes, increase front end sales and stimulate patient compliance to drive better outcomes for your pharmacy and patients alike!

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