Point of Care Pharmacy

A Visionary Masterpiece of Pharmacy System Design

Groundbreaking Look and Feel of Mobile Technology

Our pharmacy management system takes a leadership position in combining the look and feel of familiar mobile technology apps with the power of the latest Windows operating systems. A first in the industry.


Mundane and repetitive tasks normally associated with older pharmacy management systems are automated, contributing to a new level of accuracy and efficiency.

Intuitive design relieves much of the burden associated with training new staff and provides a comfortable workspace in a complex pharmacy environment.


Full clinical review at the pharmacist verification station or any stage of prescription processing

Highly efficient and scalable pharmacy workflow provides visual access to orders in process, exception and completed orders

Prescription priority assignment instantaneously notifies you of the hierarchy and “time-stamp” of all orders in process

The “Notifications View” alerts your staff of incoming IVR requests, as well as new e-prescriptions and “exception” prescriptions requiring further intervention

  • Bar code verification from any workstation
  • Prescription imaging
  • Greater efficiencies in managing the high traffic demands of e-prescriptions
  • EPCS Certified
  • ELSERVIER GOLD STANDARD price and clinical updates
  • Automated Prior approval request management
  • Seamless drug manufacturer coupon management and adjudication
  • Robust, Flexible reporting and data export driven from Microsoft SQL database engine
  • Automated cloud backup keeps your data secure and assures compliance with HIPAA Standards

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A 21st Century Pharmacy Needs 21st Century Technology

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