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Cyber, Internet, and Pharmacy system security…are you secure? Part I

Cyber security and your Pharmacy’s operations A few weeks back was Cyber security week. We had a discussion around the office about how this relates to Independent Pharmacy and Healthcare […]

Tools Of The Trade

Is my Pharmacy ready to be in an eCare Plan?

Why should I be thinking about my store joining an eCare plan? Today’s competitive environment for independent pharmacy dictates that you must have a niche opportunity or participate in programs […]

Tools Of The Trade

Automated Will-Call Solutions- A better way then just a bin!

Automated Will-Call Solutions A busy pharmacy today dictates that the PIC, technicians, and even your clerks are constantly in motion.  This of course also pertains to your inventory, prescriptions in […]

Tools Of The Trade

Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence During Covid-19

How to Maintain your patients Compliance during the Covid-19 Pandemic So you’ve done everything to get the patients to come in the door and when they’re NOT in your pharmacy. […]