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Cyber, Internet, and Pharmacy system security…are you secure? Part I

Cyber security and your Pharmacy’s operations A few weeks back was Cyber security week. We had a discussion around the office about how this relates to Independent Pharmacy and Healthcare […]

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Point of Sale Success Part 5 : Understanding the “Ins and Outs” of Inventory Receiving

The procedure for inventory receiving with a comprehensive Point of Sale System will be handled in two different ways: Inventory receiving from manual, faxed purchase orders will require a line by […]

Tools Of The Trade

Point of Sale Success: Part 6: Understanding Reports that Enhance Store Performance

In previous posts we outlined the processes and details that define a successful implementation of Point of Sale.  At the end of the business day, our level of success can […]

Tools Of The Trade

Installing Your First POS System

POS Planning Yields Great Results It’s a big day today. You’ve made a decision to retire that old “cash box” and install a sophisticated POS System. The big picture view of Point […]