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Cyber, Internet, and Pharmacy system security…are you secure? Part I

Cyber security and your Pharmacy’s operations A few weeks back was Cyber security week. We had a discussion around the office about how this relates to Independent Pharmacy and Healthcare […]

Tools Of The Trade

The Eyecon® by GSE: A Revolution in Tabletop Dispensing

Point of Care Systems is pleased to announce our agreement with Rx Systems, Inc. for NY Metropolitan Area sales  of the most efficient, accurate, feature rich tabletop dispensing system on […]

Tools Of The Trade

Abandoned Prescriptions: A Major Concern for the Healthcare System

Background Abandoned prescriptions occur when medications prescribed are not picked up by the patient.The key goals of the CMS Star Ratings initiative are to promote healthier patients and reduce spending.  Medication […]

Tools Of The Trade

IVR Rewards in a Changing Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy IVR Systems offer significant rewards to the pharmacy and patients, alike.  Those benefits are growing in importance as IVR can save significant staff time and help you serve your patients in […]