The Eyecon® by GSE: A Revolution in Tabletop Dispensing

Tom Modeen
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Point of Care Systems is pleased to announce our agreement with Rx Systems, Inc. for NY Metropolitan Area sales  of the most efficient, accurate, feature rich tabletop dispensing system on the market: The Eyecon®.

How The Eyecon® Raises the “Bar”

Tabletop DispensingThe counting technology of The Eyecon® is visual, unlike the older infrared counting systems. Visual counting is the fastest counting technology available.  Tablets and capsules count at a rate of 400 ms each.  Visual counting features a higher degree of accuracy, both in count and medication validation. The internal drug database (updated quarterly) includes the NDC, color. shape and size. of the medication. The Eyecon® will recognize when a foreign or broken pill is poured on the dispensing tray. It will halt the dispensing staff member indicating the problem pill.

At the conclusion of a successful dispensing instance, the Eyecon® will take a picture of the pills on the tray. It will number them, and store that image for later retrieval.Tabletop Dispensing

When a patient returns to pick up the remainder of the medication, the pharmacy staff member can easily retrieve a count of the original quantity dispensed.

The Eyecon®: Modes of Operation: Count, Verification and Inventory

The Eyecon®
Count Mode: Initial count and verify for the prescription dispensing.

Verification Mode: Pharmacist check of completed prescription.

Scan Rx label bar code for prescription accuracy.

Inventory Mode: Count inventory. Full and partial stock bottles can be scanned and counted. The product of this effort is a Microsoft Excel-compatible file to be imported into the Point of Care Systems inventory module.

These are the reasons Point of Care Systems chose The Eyecon®. Superior technology out of the box!


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