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It’s time to Vaccinate are you ready? Do you have a plan to Capitilize on adding customers?

By now you’ve realized that vaccinations are coming quickly and if your store is the lone wolf without the ability to administer the ‘shots’ you will surely miss out on […]

Tools Of The Trade

Is my Pharmacy ready to be in an eCare Plan?

Why should I be thinking about my store joining an eCare plan? Today’s competitive environment for independent pharmacy dictates that you must have a niche opportunity or participate in programs […]

Tools Of The Trade

Automated Will-Call Solutions- A better way then just a bin!

Automated Will-Call Solutions A busy pharmacy today dictates that the PIC, technicians, and even your clerks are constantly in motion.  This of course also pertains to your inventory, prescriptions in […]

Tools Of The Trade

Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence During Covid-19

How to Maintain your patients Compliance during the Covid-19 Pandemic So you’ve done everything to get the patients to come in the door and when they’re NOT in your pharmacy. […]