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It’s time to Vaccinate are you ready? Do you have a plan to Capitilize on adding customers?

By now you’ve realized that vaccinations are coming quickly and if your store is the lone wolf without the ability to administer the ‘shots’ you will surely miss out on […]

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The Deliveryman’s Importance has Grown Exponentially

The Delivery Service-Expanding their role in your stores’ success… Pharmacies and more specifically mom and pop (independent) pharmacies have been providing delivery service to their customers for as long as […]

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RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring is Here to Stay!

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) You’re working in your store and working hard to make connections with local doctors and their staff.  You’ve joined the local eCare health networks. You have […]

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How to Become an Immunization Pharmacist

Here in New York, Independent Pharmacy has just been given the go-ahead by Governor Cuomo to begin testing for COVID19 and the Coronavirus.  In the future, vaccinations for this will […]