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Cyber … Part IV Apps and Privacy

Application (App) security. The following excerpt or observation if you will, is highly relevant to our multiple global crises and how this relates perfectly to our topic, app privacy.  A […]

Healthcare And Business Perspectives

The ABC’s of CBD in your pharmacy….will this help my business??

CBD oil and its various forms of dispersement and ingestion seem to be everywhere. Will this help your pharmacy’s bottom line? The fact that you’ve begun reading this in the […]

Healthcare And Business Perspectives

The Ever-Expanding Role of the Pharmacy Technician

  Role of Pharmacy Technicians A pharmacy technician is someone who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist to process prescriptions, dispense medication, perform pharmacy-related functions, and provide information to customers. That’s the […]

Healthcare And Business Perspectives

How to fight Pharmacist burnout during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This crisis has affected us all in countless ways we’ll be discussing for years to come.  Frontline healthcare workers and notably, for this piece Pharmacists, have born the brunt of […]