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Harvey Brofman
Healthcare Executive

A seasoned professional and serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. An early pioneer in the development and adoption of new technology solutions in the medical, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, and payor segments of the industry.

Mr. Brofman led the OPUS companies (OPUS-ISM and OPUS Health) from their founding, through mergers and acquisitions, through to the sale of OPUS Health in 2006 and negotiating OPUS-ISM’s sale in 2007.  Under Brofman’s leadership, the companies were known for their innovation and delivery of insightful, timely products with features designed to keep clients ahead of their competition and expand profitability.

Under Brofman, OPUS Health was the pioneer in adjudicated copay card processing, disrupting forever, the tiered formulary system designed around rebates for PBM profit, that removed physician and patient choice in their medication therapy.

Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor

Brofman is an active angel investor, working with other VC’s, angels and startups. and a mentor / advisor to a number of early stage ventures.  He is a board member of The New York Angels and Managing Director at AngelFire ventures, an early stage seed fund.

He typically invests in companies that are early stage in FinTech, Healthcare / HealthTech, mobile, Social / analytics & Audience. He looks to invest in disruptive solutions for identifiable problems that have some form of product built and a level of market validation, investing through his holding company, Nine 4-Bit Slices, LLC and AngelFire Ventures.

Kumar Chaluvadi
Entrepreneur, Principal

Mr. Chaluvadi is an accomplished industry professional with over 20 years’ experience in the information technology space. Prior to Point of Care Systems, he founded a software company he ran successfully for 15 years. This business was later acquired by a publicly traded firm.

He currently owns a retail pharmacy chain located in the NY tri state area. He is on the board of NATS India (North American Telugu Society), a non‐profit charitable organization.

Mr. Chaluvadi graduated from Bharathiar University holding a B.E in Computer Science. He also pursued a M.S. degree in Computer Science from C.U.N.Y.

He is married with two daughters.

Ravi Annamaneni
RPh, PhD, Entrepreneur, Principal

Mr. Annamaneni is recognized leader in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. He is a licensed pharmacist, holding a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree.

In addition to Point of Care Systems, Mr. Annamaneni’s business holdings include pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. He sits on the Board of Directors for a successful Pharma company.

Mr. Annamaneni is owner of a retail pharmacy chain traversing multiple states.

He is married with two daughters.

Tom Modeen
VP Sales and Marketing

Tom’s career has spanned over 40 years in the pharmacy technology industry. He has direct experience in the world of pharmacy management systems, PBM services, accounting. automated dispensing systems, automated retrieval systems, IVR and point of sale.

In addition, he has engaged in consulting roles for high volume pharmacies where operational efficiency is the key directive.

Tom’s work is featured in an upcoming book, “How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It” by Brian Geery,

Dr. Charles D. Shively
RPh, PhD, Industry Consultant

With 50 years of healthcare experience, Charles Shively is a dedicated healthcare advocate. Currently he is a consultant to community retail pharmacies, nutraceutical product manufacturers, pharmacy operations software developers and Medicare quality improvement organizations. He initiated in 2012 to help accelerate and effect sustainability of successful patient care.

His past experience includes some twenty (20) years in Pharma developing new drug dosage forms, twelve (12) years in higher education at Colleges of Pharmacy and ownership/development of three (3) pharmacy related businesses which involved automated pharmacy dispensing systems.

First registered as a pharmacist in 1967, today he is a registered pharmacist in multiple states. Charles is currently pursuing the Certified Geriatric Pharmacist designation and the Certified Healthcare Quality Professional designation. BS and PhD, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. He currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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