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Post Pandemic Update: Are you doing everything you can to “Minimize” your ‘Pain-Points’? Is your Tech behind you?

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It’s time to Vaccinate are you ready? Do you have a plan to Capitilize on adding customers?

By now you’ve realized that vaccinations are coming quickly and if your store is the lone wolf without the ability to administer the ‘shots’ you will surely miss out on […]

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Is your Pharmacy Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Is your Pharmacy Prepared for a Natural Disaster Most pharmacies are prepared for theft and fire in some sense but what about Natural Disasters or an “Act of God” as […]

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The Ever-Expanding Role of the Pharmacy Technician

  Role of Pharmacy Technicians A pharmacy technician is someone who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist to process prescriptions, dispense medication, perform pharmacy-related functions, and provide information to customers. That’s the […]