For many pharmacists, unlocking the data within your systems is the key to success

Harvey Brofman
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“Data is increasingly seen as the currency of modern business. In fact, the majority of business executives surveyed in a 2016 Capgemini survey said information is just as valuable to their bottom line as the products or services they deliver.” Stop, take a breath, and ponder that for a minute. Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets within a company. So, how can companies access their information in a more efficient way to realize this value?

For a long time, pharmacy systems vendors have locked their data into dark silos. This makes it hard for customers to access, tough to correlate; monetization often a business challenge. This is especially true, when working with mature and capable pharmacy or point of sale systems. Typically, when supplied by different vendors, they don’t work together well. You often run into barriers going outside the reporting box your vendor(s) allow. All is not lost. Point of Care Systems’ (POCSRx) platforms have a fast, efficient way to unlock the data typically locked away by other vendors. Let’s consider a few ways that POCSRx can help you liberate that trapped value; transforming your business into a more connected, powerful enterprise.

Greater visibility and engagement

One common roadblock pharmacies experience is that the information residing in their discrete systems isn’t accessible or normalized. Barriers between systems force you to export data and manipulate it offline. Excel, while powerful, is often a one way ticket to aggregate and mine the value within your information. This kind of offline process is error-prone, and requires significant resources to manually bridge the gap in a viable way. Most importantly, the result set doesn’t typically integrate back into existing systems. Thus, losing the time invested, and having to repeat the process each time you want to monetize it’s additional value.

POCSRx opens its data “vault” to customers, letting you leverage it’s platform. This has historically been a common barricade with many pharmacy system vendors. This  access can benefit a variety of departments within your business for marketing, sales and service reporting.

Enhanced workflow and customer experience

Typical vendor tools can be used to make business workflow more efficient or to improve company interaction with customers. Yet your goals can be difficult, if not impossible to achieve without access to your data. Greater coordination between applications can eliminate time-wasting steps. This can provide employees and customers with instant access to information and services required to accomplish various business goals, while reducing costs.

Greater data access for reporting and insight

In today’s digital business environment, better decision making is driven by agile reporting and analytics. Unfortunately, many vendors balk at the challenge as integration with other vendor applications or third-party analytics/reporting tools is not always a simple task.

Using tools to automate the flow of data between your pharmacy, point of sale, and other on-premise and cloud applications means that your data is always fresh and reporting is based on the latest information. Integrating your systems with other data sources by simplifying the process of getting requisite information out of your system, blended with other sources allows a super user to easily aggregate information for more useful reporting.

Future uses in the intelligent office

As more partners request data from your systems, you should expect that they want easier access to that information. In fact, many companies are Data Intelligent Officetrying to enable employees by creating an intelligent office. You could use controlled access points to your POCSRx platform to drive your intelligent office, arming employees with actionable perspective and insight.

Your pharmacy and point of sale systems are critical tools in your business, but it’s the information inside that’s most crucial. When your employees gain the ability to easily manipulate the analytics in these systems, blend it with other systems and data, they can add great value to your organization. Once the barriers to data integration are eliminated, liberated data has endless possibilities for your business.

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This post inspired by an earlier post by John Joseph for Website Magazine.

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