Optimizing the Patient Experience: Secure, Efficient and Compliant

Tom Modeen
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Point of Care Systems Delivers a Secure and Efficient Solution for Pharmacy Checkout

Security and patient privacy are one of the focused concerns of a professional pharmacy practice. Integrating all the securelegal requirements associated with patient prescription pickup, HIPAA and secure bank card processing, Point of Care Systems delivers an all-in-one solution designed to maximize efficiency and meet all compliance standards.

Efficiency was a key design influence in our solution as the primary objective of all POCSRX system products is to optimize the patient experience in the pharmacy.

Our vendor partnership with Heartland Payment Systems provided the opportunity to combine the patient signature for prescription pickup, patient acknowledgement of the pharmacy HIPAA practices and secure transaction processing though Heartland’s out of scope EMV compliant “chip” card processing.

The Importance of EMV PCI (Chip) Card Processing: Reducing Scope

EMV is perhaps the hottest topic in general commerce right now, but the impending payment technology will impact the higher-ed space as well. Effective October 1, 2015, merchants – and universities – who have not taken the proper steps to accept EMV chip cards will be liable for fraudulent charges associated with counterfeit cards.

More information on EMV compliance can be found at:


Out of Scope: The Most Secure Solution for Credit Cards

An out of Scope approach towards secure credit card processing completely separates the POS transaction from the securepatient’s bank card data keeping you less vulnerable to hackers. The details of out of scope transaction processing may be viewed in this video:


A Positive Patient Experience!


Prescription tracking, secure transactions and efficient check out all add to  the patient’s positive experience in your pharmacy. Point of Care Systems continues to provide technology to enhance your practice and ability to provide quality patient care.

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