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It’s time to Vaccinate are you ready? Do you have a plan to Capitilize on adding customers?

By now you’ve realized that vaccinations are coming quickly and if your store is the lone wolf without the ability to administer the ‘shots’ you will surely miss out on […]

Healthcare And Business Perspectives

Business as Usual, Not Anymore. What do disruptors do right?

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been responsible for the disruption of business as usual very successfully a few times. As an angel investor, I have invested in a few companies that…

Tools Of The Trade

A Compelling Case for Automating Pharmacy Workflow

It would be a perfect world if incoming prescriptions flowed efficiently and accurately from intake to finished product. Rather than follow a straight line through the dispensing process,  many of the prescriptions […]

Healthcare And Business Perspectives

Navigating the Maze: DIR Fees

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created Direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees as a way to track the annual amount of drug…